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   Shandong Gaoha Refractories  Technology Co., Ltd .is a comprehensive high-tech company with refractory products  research, manufacture ,sales and construction service. Together we provide high temperature irregular shapes refractories applications in the Iron & Steel,Cement & Lime, Glass, Ceramics, Energy, Petroleum & Chemicals, Laser Crystal, Tungsten & Molybdenum and Environmental technology industries.
Zirconia refractory products

zirconia products

Zirconia bubble products

Zirconium oxide product po

Zirconia brick furnace cov
Alumina refractory products

Alumina bubble products

Alumina bubble products

Alumina bubble products

Alumina bubble products
Corundum refractory products

Corundum refractory chamot

corundum products

ten-hole corundum tube

U-shaped corundum furnace
Why did you choose us:

1、 pre-sales consultation
we not only provide refractory product application consultation but also the use and design of products in the kiln. Our salesmen are all insulation refractory industry experts who can provide you with professional consulting services, make your kiln energy-saving becomes simple.
2、 Sample service
Before placing orders, we can provide free samples for you testing. If you have the demand of the samples, please provide the required samples size, type and specific parameters, we will offer you free samples in 3days.
3、 Delivery
We provide the most convenient and suitable method of logistics and will provide supervision on each batch of goods with report and images.
4、After-sales service
We will follow up your feedback in time and wish you satisfy with our products. If there is a claim accident, We are committed to give appropriate solution in 48 hours.

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